PLANET BOX 70 water captor

Single-walled tank, with HORIZONTAL AXIS with containment basin.
Model approved and compliant with Ministerial Decree 22/11/2017.


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Single wall tank, HORIZONTAL AXIS with containment basin.
Model approved and compliant with M. D. 11/22/2017.
Made of 1st choice S235JR carbon steel, thickness 3 mm.
Complete with:
– Manhole Ø 400 mm. bolted with oilproof gasket and galvanized bolts having; 3 ” inlet pipe with ring nut and bayonet cap in brass, Atex approved, padlockable; vent pipe with Atex approved flame arrestor terminal in brass; 3″ load limiting valve to 90% approved.
– indicator mechanical level with float
– electrical system in accordance with EC standards with emergency button and key for actuating dispensing and electric sensor for blocking the minimum level pump.
– bottom drain with safety cap for any periodic cleaning
– access steps to the manhole for comfortable and safe access during refueling (starting from 3.000 liters capacity)
– lifting eyebolts for vacuum handling
– canopy fixing predisposition welded to the tank;

Containment basin with a capacity equal to 110% of that of the tank it self (as prescribed by the Ministerial Decree 22/11/2017) equipped with support crosspieces for handling with a forklift.
Tank and containment basin are painted in double layer (bottom and dark green finish) with specific products for outdoor use.











1.500 (1.350 lt.) 1.520 x 1.770 x h 1.700 1.750 x 2.100 x h 2.100 3 530
2.000 (2.093 lt.) 1.520 x 2.300 x h 1.700 1.750 x 2.850 x h 2.100 3 600
3.000 (3.141 lt.) 1.720 x 2.570 x h 1.850 1.950 x 2.850 x h 2.250 3 680
4.000 (4.024 lt.) 1.970 x 2.670 x h 2.000 2.120 x 2.850 x h 2.400 3 750
5.000 (4.931 lt.) 2.170 x 2.770 x h 2.200 2.320 x 3.100 x h 2.600 3 810
6.000 (5.958 lt) 1.970 x 3.670 x h 2.000 2.120 x 4.100 x h 2.400 3 970
7.000 (6.952 lt.) 2.170 x 3.470 x h 2.200 2.320 x 4.100 x h 2.600 3 1.070
8.000 (7.833 lt.) 2.220 x 3.820 x h 2.200 2.310 x 4.100 x h 2.600 3 1.100
9.000 (8.890 lt) 2.220 x 3.820 x h 2.300 2.420 x 4.100 x h 2.700 3 1.320

Dispensing cabinet (BOX 70) powder coated, resealable with lock and containing:

– PUMP WITH NOMINAL FLOW RATE 70 lt / min. 240 V. self-priming with washable metal filter and built-in by-pass valve,
– mechanical flow meter in aluminum for private use with resettable partial and progressive totalizer,
6  meters flexible hose in carbopress specific for diesel,
– dispensing gun with automatic block,
– electrical system according to EC standards, complete with minimum level sensor, emergency button and key for dispensing activation.

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